August Is Water Quality Month

At WCA, the idea of keeping water safe so our communities across America can have healthy water to drink is very important. Not only is water a fun way to cool off when the summer weather is so hot, but it is vital to keep everyone hydrated. Every year more deaths around the world are due to unsafe water than those caused by all acts of violence, including war. You can protect water quality just by limiting your water use! Here are some tips to save water at home and protect water quality:

Have your sprinklers inspected. The inspector will let you know if there are any underground leaks, broken sprinkler heads, problems with backflow devices or if there is any water spraying onto the street or sidewalk. Many problems with your sprinklers could be wasting water.

 Be careful with fertilizer. Only use fertilizer when absolutely necessary. If you must use fertilizer make sure it uses at least 30% slow-release nitrogen. Fertilizers high in nitrogen are a waste of money and are washed away by storm water.

Save Rain Water. Rain barrels are a great way to reduce runoff and you can use the water to feed your plants and lawn or wash your car. By turning the downspout of your rain gutter towards a planted area you are allowing water to trickle into the ground rather than being washed down your driveway and into the storm drains.

Take shorter showers. Shaving off two minutes of your shower saves 5 gallons of water. That’s 35 gallons each week!

At WCA we are protecting your water quality by leading in water treatment science and technology to provide innovative chemical, equipment, and service products. We implement safety protocols and monitoring systems to make sure the systems are working in the most efficient manner.

Have a happy Water Quality Month and do your part in protecting our water, while we do ours! If you would like to learn more about how Water Consultants of America can aid your water treatment system, give us a call! 800.645.1350