Acid Rain

Spring rains may be bringing more than May flowers this season. You may want to watch out during those refreshing showers and be cautious of falling acid rain. Acid rain is caused by the emission of gases into the atmosphere that have both natural man-made sources. Natural sources include gases released during plant decomposition or volcanic eruptions, while unnatural sources include burning coal and vehicle exhaust. Acid rain is identified as precipitation that contains higher levels of acid than the normal rain water, which usually stands at a pH level of 5.3. While pure water sits at a neutral 7, rainwater is naturally slightly more acidic due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Acid rain can be harmful to both the natural and man-made environment. The acidity can can disrupt the natural growth and composition of plants and soils, leaving them susceptible to pests and disease. Acid rain can also promote corrosion of buildings and machinery that can quickly cause serious damage. Water treatment is important to remove the destructive acid from harming individuals and equipment.

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Why Custom Installation is Vital

Every project has different needs, and sometimes a one-size-fits-all package doesn’t meet those needs. We can create a completely unique solution to meet your safety, space, communication, and others. Custom water filtration systems gives you the best combination of filters, treatment, and panels for your facility.

Customization is necessary in many situations. You may have a small, oddly shaped space, a challenging water source (such as sea or freshwater), or even just a technological preference in control systems. By custom designing a system based on your specific requirements and preferences you can be sure that the water treatment system will work flawlessly for your particular application.

There are endless combinations available for each situation. Some of the most common customizations is in the filter choice. Here’s just a few of our filtration options and their functions:

Carbon Filtration
Carbon filters are commonly found in household sink, pitcher, and bottle filters. These filters are perfect for reducing chemicals like chlorine and pesticides, but not for particles such as fluorides and various minerals.
Reverse Osmosis
Reverse Osmosis is the process of creating clean water by pushing contaminants through a semipermeable membrane. Through this process anything from waste to salt to chemicals can be removed from water to produce fresh, potable water. Since these systems concentrate ions and other contaminates, they can cause problems with scaling, deposits, microbial fouling, and degradation.
While UV filtration will not be effective against chemicals, it is an effective disinfectant, eliminating bacteria and viruses as effectively as boiling.

There are also many water treatments that can be paired with different systems, offering your facility the best protection for your needs. Not to mention, we offer several choices in some of the best control interface options in the industry.

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Beyond Consulting

At Water Consultants of America, we provide a wide range of consulting services, which include onsite troubleshooting, project coordination and specification writing. However, did you also know we also offer the following services for our clients?

Water Analysis – This is the first step in determining the quality of the water you use in your home or commercial enterprise. Analysis will show if water contains pollutants, be it bacteria and nitrates. If a water analysis comes back and issues need to be be addresses, we can discuss your next steps.

Legionella Sampling – This is a critical services for many of our clients. We ensure proper methods are used to test if Legionnaires disease bacteria is present and if so at what levels. If legionella is found, we can help you problem solve a solution.

Deposit Analysis– All treated water systems have the potential to develop water-formed deposits. The makeup of these deposits provides great insight into whether the water treatment system is effectively controlling the formation of biofilms.

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10 Easy Ways to Conserve Water at Home

Water is a valuable resource that we use daily without even putting thought into it. Freshwater only accounts for 3% of the water on Earth. So, the conservation of water is crucial. Here are 10 simple ways to conserve water at home:

1) Only run the washer and dishwasher when full. This can save 100 gallons of water a month.
2) Don’t run water while doing dishes. Have a sink with wash water and a sink with rinse water.
3) Water the lawn in the morning or evening to minimize evaporation.
4) Put a watering can in the shower to collect the cold water until it warms up. Use the water in the can to water plants.
5) When cleaning out fish tanks, give the nutrient-rich water to plants instead of pouring down the drain.
6) Turn off the water while washing your hair in the shower. This can save 150 gallons of water a month.
7) Wash pets outdoors in an area of the yard that needs water.
8) Choose low water use plants for landscaping. This can save 550 gallons of water a year.
9) Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth. This can save 25 gallons of water a month.
10) When giving pets freshwater, use the old water to water shrubs and trees instead of pouring down the drain.

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Boiler Water Treatment

Our goal at WCA is keep your business running efficiently. We use a variety of boiler water treating compounds to keep everything working. A deposit of just a 1/16 inch can result in an efficiency loss of up to 20%, so it is important to keep up with maintenance. We help control oxygen corrosion, scale and sludge deposits, condensate corrosion, and more through a variety of boiler water treating compounds.

Oxygen corrosion can cause serious damage and lead to failure of your unit. This usually occurs when boilers are idle or shut down. This can be minimized with chemical oxygen scavengers and the use of mechanical de-aeration. Scale and sludge deposits are formed by heat being transferred in the boiler resulting in possible failure due to overheating. Calcium salts are the most common deposits formed. Proper pretreatment, using quality feed-water, and chemical compounds are the answer to scale and sludge buildup. A third issue that often comes with boilers is condensate corrosion. This usually occurs when poorly de-aerated water enters the boiler and oxygen flashes with the steam. By installing vented condensate receivers, carbon dioxide will be reduced and help to eliminate the risk of severe metal loss and damaged equipment.

Is your boiler running as efficiently as it could? We are here to fix whatever issues your boiler has in order to keep your business in top shape. Give us a call to schedule a consultation (800) 645-1350 or visit our website for more information.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis may sound like a strange experiment from a Sci-Fi movie, but it is, in fact, a popular method of water purification. In today’s ever-growing world, having clean water is becoming more and more of an environmental concern among people everywhere. Industrial plants are converting over to this process to better use and reuse their water supply and can even be used to convert salt water to fresh water.

Reverse Osmosis is the process of creating clean water by pushing contaminants through a semipermeable membrane. Through this process anything from waste to salt to chemicals can be removed from water to produce fresh, potable water. Since these systems concentrate ions and other contaminates, they can cause problems with scaling, deposits, microbial fouling, and degradation. However, with proper maintenance and updating of the components, these contaminates will not be damaging.

Water Consultants of America offers a complete line of products to help your R.O. system run smoothly and efficiently. We have a wide range of membrane performance products including scale inhibitors, dispersants, microbicides, and cleaners that will aid in better performance and help prevent the common issues that arise from using an R.O. system. WCA also offers our customers access to our technical support laboratory, which provides expertise on how to identify problems and makes the best recommendation to ensure your system is working properly.

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WCA Can Train Your Water Treatment Professionals

Did you know that Water Consultants of America offers professional training for those working in the water treatment world? Any water management program needs people to run it, and the more they understand every element of the program, the more effective they are at keeping it operating efficiently and effectively.

We offer two training components, and we think they work best together. These are on-site training and our online training library.

On-Site Training
Nothing beats hands-on training with Certified Water Technologists who individually have over 20 years of experience and serve as trainers for the Association of Water Technologies, which is precisely what our on-site training provides. WCA offers thorough training on all of the products and services we provide, as well as more general but highly relevant topics, such as:

  • Water chemistry for the non-chemist
  • How and why deposits form
  • The causes of corrosion and how to minimize the impact of failures
  • Problems caused by microorganisms and biofilm
  • Legionnaire’s disease and pathogen control
  • Treatment technologies for boilers and cooling systems
  • New feed and control technologies

These are just a few examples of our training classes, so be sure to contact us for more!

Online Training Library
Sometimes you need to brush up on or update your knowledge in a hurry or without the opportunity for direct training. We provide a complete library of technical reference guides, water treatment primers, best practices training materials, and more. It’s almost like having one of our Certified Water Technologists available to you 24/7!

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