Why Use WCA?

We here at Water Consultants of America have been working for years to bring you the best water system maintenance solutions out there. So, why should you choose to work with WCA? Here are some of the advantages to being one of our customers.

1. Drumless Chemical Storage and Hands-Free Delivery: We are all about keeping you and your business safe. By eliminating the chemical drums and delivering the chemicals to you, we can reduce the risk of chemical hazards and liability. We handle the chemicals and you just tell us where you need them.

2. Cutting Edge Technology: WCA is committed to finding the newest and best technologies in the water treatment industry. Many manufacturers choose to partner with us because we are known for being on the leading edge of technology. We thoroughly test the new technologies prior to use to ensure everything works correctly. Some examples of the innovations we use are the WCA pump containment system, total wireless feed and control, and the NC3150 chlorine dioxide generation system.

3. WCAReports: The WCAReports system is an electronic reporting system that allows technicians to enter data after each service visit and compile it with your company’s system records. These reports can then be view at any time as well as emailed to you. The program can also be configured to receive reporting data from your system 24/7.

4. Custom Solutions: No two systems or companies are the same. We work with you to create the perfect maintenance plan that will work best with your system. When there is an issue, we work hard to ensure that it is fixed properly and efficiently, rather than giving the cookie-cutter answer.

We want to give you the best service out there. With our dedication to new technology and drive to always be better water technicians, you can count on us. Visit our website to see all of our services.

WCAReports: Modernizing the Water Treament Industry

We live in a digitized world. Everything is online and/or in a digital format that can be accessed virtually anywhere. We here at WCA use modern technology to better manage the water treatment industry with WCAReports. This program eliminates the need for traditional pencil and paper used by most water treatment companies with a modernized, web-based reporting system.

Through this system, our employees can document service reports, compile data, and manage the customer’s controller. When a WCAemployee comes to service your water system, they record everything in our WCAReports system. This system provides full reports including the ability to create charts and graphs of the results as well as a color-coding system that better organizes the findings. The colors range from green to red, where green is within range and red is farthest out of range. Results that fall within the red range can have comments from the technicians on the necessary actions that need to be taken to fix the problem.

The WCAReports can also “communicate” with the customer’s controller. By correctly configuring your compatible controller, your system can automatically send data to WCAReports over the Internet. We can then use this data to monitor evaporation credits, inventory usage, and elution studies. This data can then be combined with the service reports to create a comprehensive profile that can be emailed directly to you.

Through this online system, we can efficiently and accurately manage your water treatment system. With the ability to access the information at any time and in any place with an Internet connection, maintaining your system has never been easier. Visit our website for more information on WCAReports and our other services.

Boiler Water Treatment

Our goal at WCA is keep your business running efficiently. We use a variety of boiler water treating compounds to keep everything working. A deposit of just a 1/16 inch can result in an efficiency loss of up to 20%, so it is important to keep up with maintenance. We help control oxygen corrosion, scale and sludge deposits, condensate corrosion, and more through a variety of boiler water treating compounds.

Oxygen corrosion can cause serious damage and lead to failure of your unit. This usually occurs when boilers are idle or shut down. This can be minimized with chemical oxygen scavengers and the use of mechanical de-aeration. Scale and sludge deposits are formed by heat being transferred in the boiler resulting in possible failure due to overheating. Calcium salts are the most common deposits formed. Proper pretreatment, using quality feed-water, and chemical compounds are the answer to scale and sludge buildup. A third issue that often comes with boilers is condensate corrosion. This usually occurs when poorly de-aerated water enters the boiler and oxygen flashes with the steam. By installing vented condensate receivers, carbon dioxide will be reduced and help to eliminate the risk of severe metal loss and damaged equipment.

Is your boiler running as efficiently as it could? We are here to fix whatever issues your boiler has in order to keep your business in top shape. Give us a call to schedule a consultation (800) 645-1350 or visit our website for more information.

Cooler Water Treatment

Water is an inexpensive and natural resource. It is readily available and can be reused. So, when it is a major aspect of running your business, whether it is an industrial plant or power plant, it is important to properly maintain the facility.

Cooling water is the term that describes the process of removing heat from a machine or system. The water keeps the mechanisms from overheating and breaking. However, the water and the tank holding the water need to be maintained.

Calcium and other minerals can build up in the system due to the high concentration of these salts coming in contact with heat and evaporation. These deposits can cause increased energy consumption, higher production costs, and localized corrosion.
The issue of corrosion is another thing that needs to be monitored with cooler water treatment systems. While there will always be some level of corrosion, the rate in which it happens and the severity can be kept to a minimum. If it is not kept under control, it can cause premature failure of equipment.

We here at Water Consultants of America offer a complete line of cooling water treatments to keep your systems running smoothly. We have a wide range of materials in our inventory including high performance threshold inhibitors, dispersants, and corrosion inhibitors. We can create a custom blend to perfectly fit your system’s needs and environment.

Our WCA professionals will help keep your business running smoothly. Give us a call 800-645-1350 or email sales@WaterConsultantsofAmerican.com today set up an appointment. You can also visit our website for more information on our services.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis may sound like a strange experiment from a Sci-Fi movie, but it is, in fact, a popular method of water purification. In today’s ever-growing world, having clean water is becoming more and more of an environmental concern among people everywhere. Industrial plants are converting over to this process to better use and reuse their water supply and can even be used to convert salt water to fresh water.

Reverse Osmosis is the process of creating clean water by pushing contaminants through a semipermeable membrane. Through this process anything from waste to salt to chemicals can be removed from water to produce fresh, potable water. Since these systems concentrate ions and other contaminates, they can cause problems with scaling, deposits, microbial fouling, and degradation. However, with proper maintenance and updating of the components, these contaminates will not be damaging.

Water Consultants of America offers a complete line of products to help your R.O. system run smoothly and efficiently. We have a wide range of membrane performance products including scale inhibitors, dispersants, microbicides, and cleaners that will aid in better performance and help prevent the common issues that arise from using an R.O. system. WCA also offers our customers access to our technical support laboratory, which provides expertise on how to identify problems and makes the best recommendation to ensure your system is working properly.

Contact WCA to get all the right products for your Reverse Osmosis system. Feel free to call (800) 645-1350 or visit our website.

WCA Can Train Your Water Treatment Professionals

Did you know that Water Consultants of America offers professional training for those working in the water treatment world? Any water management program needs people to run it, and the more they understand every element of the program, the more effective they are at keeping it operating efficiently and effectively.

We offer two training components, and we think they work best together. These are on-site training and our online training library.

On-Site Training
Nothing beats hands-on training with Certified Water Technologists who individually have over 20 years of experience and serve as trainers for the Association of Water Technologies, which is precisely what our on-site training provides. WCA offers thorough training on all of the products and services we provide, as well as more general but highly relevant topics, such as:

  • Water chemistry for the non-chemist
  • How and why deposits form
  • The causes of corrosion and how to minimize the impact of failures
  • Problems caused by microorganisms and biofilm
  • Legionnaire’s disease and pathogen control
  • Treatment technologies for boilers and cooling systems
  • New feed and control technologies

These are just a few examples of our training classes, so be sure to contact us for more!

Online Training Library
Sometimes you need to brush up on or update your knowledge in a hurry or without the opportunity for direct training. We provide a complete library of technical reference guides, water treatment primers, best practices training materials, and more. It’s almost like having one of our Certified Water Technologists available to you 24/7!

If you’re interested in our training services, please be sure to get in touch with us today.

Welcome to the Newly-Relaunched WCA Website!

If you’re a regular visitor to the Water Consultants of America website, you may have noticed that things look a little different— and if you’re a new visitor, welcome! We have recently redesigned our website to better serve our visitors and customers.

For our new visitors, we are a leading provider of water treatment science and technology. Our products serve those who own and operate water systems of all shapes and sizes, and our customers encompass a variety of industrial and commercial businesses. In addition to providing innovative products, we also offerCWT-qualified consultants, 24-hour emergency services, online reports, equipment inspection services, and more.

On our new site, you’ll find detailed information about these offerings and more. If you look at the “Products” menu, you can learn about boiler and cooling water treatment options, reverse osmosis technology, and our complete line of water and wastewater treatment products and services.

Under “Services” you’ll find our online reporting, consulting services, and even on-site and online training seminars that show you how to understand the products and services used in your water management system.

If you’re looking to develop a whole new system, check out our “Equipment Solutions” menu. We offer custom installation of our own innovative technologies that make managing water easier and more efficient.

You’ll also find more tips and information that our experts think you’ll find useful right here on this blog, as well as a simple way to contact us. Get in touch today!