Certified Water Technologists

Not all water treatment professionals are the same. Some have gone above and beyond the normal call of duty to achieve the Certified Water Technologist (CWT) designation. The CWT program is the highest professional credential in the residential and industrial water treatment field. Upon completing the the training, the water treatment professional possess a core body of knowledge and extensive professional experience in all aspects of water treatment. If you see this designation after a water treatment professionals name, be assured they have achieved a high level of experience, knowledge, and education in the industry.

To gain the CWT designation, an individual must:

-Have 5 years of experience as a water treatment representative or technician.
-Subject themselves to peer review through the CWT application process.
-Pass a rigorous, 200 question, proctored CWT exam from the Association of Water Technologies with a score of 60% or better. This exam covers all parts of water treatment technology; from best practices to regulatory compliance and safety.
-Sign a 13-part Declaration of Ethics demanding honesty, integrity, and commitment to water conservation of resources and excellence.

The CWT designation must be re-certified every 5 years. A designee must show they have demonstrated professional, credible, and trustworthy behavior and that all duties were performed with integrity. The designee must have also promoted cutting-edge technologies along with collaboration and networking with peers.

The vast majority of our representatives have achieved the Certified Water Technician status. If you would like more information about how our CWTs can provide you with high quality service, please contact us.