Cooler Water Treatment

Water is an inexpensive and natural resource. It is readily available and can be reused. So, when it is a major aspect of running your business, whether it is an industrial plant or power plant, it is important to properly maintain the facility.

Cooling water is the term that describes the process of removing heat from a machine or system. The water keeps the mechanisms from overheating and breaking. However, the water and the tank holding the water need to be maintained.

Calcium and other minerals can build up in the system due to the high concentration of these salts coming in contact with heat and evaporation. These deposits can cause increased energy consumption, higher production costs, and localized corrosion.
The issue of corrosion is another thing that needs to be monitored with cooler water treatment systems. While there will always be some level of corrosion, the rate in which it happens and the severity can be kept to a minimum. If it is not kept under control, it can cause premature failure of equipment.

We here at Water Consultants of America offer a complete line of cooling water treatments to keep your systems running smoothly. We have a wide range of materials in our inventory including high performance threshold inhibitors, dispersants, and corrosion inhibitors. We can create a custom blend to perfectly fit your system’s needs and environment.

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