Don’t Let Crypto Be Your Kryptonite

Crypto may not be a substance from an alien planet that will drain your energy, but it is a serious water contaminant that you need to be careful of.

Crypto, short for Cryptosporidium, is a waterborne disease that lives in water that can handle living in tough environments. The tough outer shell of the bacteria allows it to survive even in chlorinated pools. Crypto spreads most often during summertime due to an increase in recreational swimming. Persons infected by Crypto contract the disease called Cryptosporidosis, and it can cause severe illness and diarrhea for up to 2-3 weeks.

While it is not a pleasant subject, it should raise serious concerns and call for extra precaution. Waterborne diseases are so easily spread that you must be aware of contamination. While Crypto generally affects pools and hot tubs, but rivers, lakes, and streams that feed into other water sources can be contaminated as well. Be sure that your water treatment systems are operating at their prime during the height of the the spread of this disease. Call us today to see how Water Consultants of America can assist you! 800.645.1350