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Technology plays a critical role in the overall success of a chemical treatment program, and Water Consultants of America has been first to market with a number of innovative feed and control technologies. Our dedication to providing leading-edge technology is well-known throughout the industry.

Note that we thoroughly test new technologies prior to their release in order to avoid the risk normally associated with new or untested products.

Water Consultants of America’s commitment is to continue exploring any and all new technologies to ensure the continued success of our customers’ water treatment programs.

Some examples of innovative technologies are:png-2

  • The WCA pump containment system
  • Total wireless feed and control
  • WCA Inhibitor Monitor
  • The new AquaTouch PLC-based industrial water control system
  • The NC3150 chlorine dioxide generation system
  • WCAReports controller integration
  • The AquaTouch PC DCS/BMS/SCADA integration tool
  • The eController industrial control system
  • Triton Industrial Control System