Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (R.O.) products are among the many resources offered by Water Consultants of America. Reverse Osmosis is an increasingly popular water purification technique, and we strive to provide the newest and best products available to our clients. The main purpose of R.O. is to eliminate contaminants in water to decrease the risk of scaling, deposits, microbial fouling and degradation in mechanical systems.

So how does it work? The reverse osmosis process has greatly evolved over the years. Because of more advanced technology and processes, we are now able to purify large amounts of water at a time. The process of regular osmosis can be broken down by as “when a solvent of low concentrated solute solution moves through a membrane to get to the higher concentrated solution, thus weakening it”. The solvent is the mixture of water and contaminants (solute). By literally reversing the process of osmosis, we essentially are making the solvent filter out of the high concentrate into the lower concentrate solution to separate out the solute from the solvent. This leave you with clean, usable water without the harmful contaminants.

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