Training Options

Why would you want a Water Treatment Program if you can not properly use it? It would be pointless right? That is why the Water Consultants of America provide our clients with On-Site Training Seminars and access to our Web-Based Training Library. It is important that our clients have the proper knowledge and resources to best use their treatment systems.


Our On-Site Training Seminars offer training in various aspects of water chemistry. Training can range from the basics of, “Water chemistry for the non-chemist,” and the importance of equipment inspection up to issues as specific as Legionnaire’s disease and pathogen control. Our experts have over twenty years of experience and are trained to teach you. Click here to see the full list of topics covered in our seminars. We want you to feel confident in the upkeep of your system and feel equipt with the proper knowledge to do so.


The Web-Based program will give you access to both training as well as a library database. With this service you will have access to technical reference papers, water treatment primers, and best practice training materials. Whether you participate in the On-Site or Web-Based Training, you will be sure to broaden your knowledge of water treatment and be able to use it toward maximizing the benefits of your Water Treatment Program.


Our expert knowledge is only as good as the hands it is in, therefore we want to provide our clients with that knowledge. Our professionals are key leaders in this industry, have exceptional training, are Certified Water Technologists and will train you to properly maintain your Water Treatment Programs. It is our priority to help our clients in every way possible. Click here to learn more on what services we can offer you!

The Role Of WCA In The Marketplace

Water Consultants of America prides itself on the many services it provides its patrons. These include the reporting, training and consulting related to the management of a water treatment service. Each of these business segments serves a valuable purpose in the water treatment process and are streamlined in order to operate with maximum efficiency. Below are brief explanations for each of the three main service areas:

1. Reporting
WCA offers its clients an electronic monitoring system that compiles detailed reports on every facet of the water treatment process. These reports include detailed graphs and charts that break down each step in the process in a way that is comprehensive for those receiving the reports. Regular service reports are shared online, removing excess waste of paper from the process and allowing for easy storage and management of information by both WCA and its clients.

2. Training
Customers of WCA are offered on-site training seminars and access to the company’s web based training library. These features allow customers access to additional educational resources on how to obtain the best environmental, financial and efficient results with the water treatment program. With training being a key aspect to the water treatment process, the programs offered by WCA give customers the opportunity to learn from leaders in the application and development of water treatment technology.

3. Consulting
The consulting portion of WCA offers a wide range of services for the customer. These include on-site troubleshooting and surveying, specification writing and project coordination. Additional services include water analysis, biological testing, deposit analysis, monitoring services and expert witness testimony.

Through the three main services offered by WCA to its customers, an efficient, cost effective water management system is available to the public from a well-known, reliable company with many years experience in the industry. Visit our website,, for additional information as well as contact information for WCA.