WCAReports: Modernizing the Water Treament Industry

We live in a digitized world. Everything is online and/or in a digital format that can be accessed virtually anywhere. We here at WCA use modern technology to better manage the water treatment industry with WCAReports. This program eliminates the need for traditional pencil and paper used by most water treatment companies with a modernized, web-based reporting system.

Through this system, our employees can document service reports, compile data, and manage the customer’s controller. When a WCAemployee comes to service your water system, they record everything in our WCAReports system. This system provides full reports including the ability to create charts and graphs of the results as well as a color-coding system that better organizes the findings. The colors range from green to red, where green is within range and red is farthest out of range. Results that fall within the red range can have comments from the technicians on the necessary actions that need to be taken to fix the problem.

The WCAReports can also “communicate” with the customer’s controller. By correctly configuring your compatible controller, your system can automatically send data to WCAReports over the Internet. We can then use this data to monitor evaporation credits, inventory usage, and elution studies. This data can then be combined with the service reports to create a comprehensive profile that can be emailed directly to you.

Through this online system, we can efficiently and accurately manage your water treatment system. With the ability to access the information at any time and in any place with an Internet connection, maintaining your system has never been easier. Visit our website for more information on WCAReports and our other services.

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